My Coaching programs

Happy to announce
My coaching programs returning this summer

Join my relaxing meditation and ASMR private group, message me for details

Im Layne and I’d love to help you with Social media goals
I’d love to help you in your personal life with life goals.
“You must love yourself before you love anyone”, Well, you must have a
Clear mind before you can put out clear work.
Lets do this!

I’ve been schooled by the best in the business and would love to teach you what I know!
I’m a social media strategist and can assist you with:
Social media branding
Gain followers
Open Instagram
Using hashtags
Opening Facebook
Opening Twitter
Twitch, etc
Gain confidence to livestream
Direct you to the right gear

—I’d love to help you build your brand and be rewarded for your incredible work. Stop hiding your greatness!!

Are you feeling down, feel like you make no difference, want to make life better? Have goals you are not meeting? Trying to lose weight? Get healthy, fit? But just can’t do it?
I can help
That was me.
In 2010 I was in ICU 8 days but was given another change at life. Time to live!!!
I bounced back lost half my body weight. Worked on my anxiety/depression by reading books, exploring the teachings of fantastic spiritual leaders.
I “found myself” for the first time in my life!
Don’t wait until it’s too late.

You can turn it around.
I always say, “I can turn every negative into a positive”.
Can you say that?
Let’s talk

Contact me to arrange consultation


PO BOX 705
Long Beach NY 11561


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