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I’ve been sharing my MS journey on Instagram and other socials, home etc and friends have asked, how can we help? It’s been an expensive journey lately trying to fight off this flareup. They suggested a gofundme or another fundraiser but I decided to put this out on my website. I have a wishlist on amazon and you guys have been amazing  Thank you!

So now you’re asking yourselves, why am I here?

This journey is expensive. 
It’s my goal to walk again not wobble like a drunk  with a cane. Certainly, not digress into a wheelchair so it is a journey for my life. I did it in 2015, I’ll do it again 
My costs above my means are approximately $500+ a month 
Reason being I lost a paying gig I had 10 years 3 months ago – I lost huge superhearts support I had last year – I haven’t been able to go on Twitch much because I usually feel too ill but I try. 
I was mentoring, graphic design, etc all came to a pause a few months back and living on just disability now.
Rough times. 
I Made the T-shirt line. Not doing great. Sold so much stuff on eBay. 
Not complaining just explaining. 
Want to be 100% transparent.
I have always been the giver, I love to give! I love to support others and their causes I still do. It’s hard for me to ask.
Tried everything to make money, I’m stuck. SO….
If you would like to contribute to my journey to getting healthy again and kicking MS’s butt buy a T-shirt ? 
Or if you feel to donate the links below! Once or monthly I’d be so thankful. 
Thank you so very much I’ll make you proud. I must get out there to live-stream the sunsets on the beach soon

This will be up until I’m up and running  

Layne’s journey 
To donate :

(Please send to friends not service or they take a fee)

Thank you so very much! 

Amazon wish list
Thank you! 

And/OR- Whenever you shop at Amazon You can help tremendously by shopping through my affiliate link. I get a percentage and that would help me so much as well. Don’t worry 🙂 I can’t see what you buy 🙂 Thank you

Being a friend Is the best support of all
Thank you for reading. 
Thank you for caring.
Thank you for sharing.

Here’s everything you need to know (links below)
If anything here rings true to you or anyone you know make sure they see a neurologist as soon as possible! If you have any issues or questions about the illness please contact me. 
Not only am I going through this, I am also an advocate to help others.
Blessings to you all.
Please comment below if you have questions or comments x

National MS Society

Multiple sclerosis symptoms

Importance of early detection


I also have Cervical Dystonia 
Dystonia awareness

The program I’m on:
Wahls protocol 
Anyone with autoimmune illness:


  1. NANCY

    Hello, I’m
    Very happy u are here to gain healthy and a better way of living! Warriors! God bless you

  2. jade

    thnk you for the information, my momma just got ms. hope you dont mind if i contac you , jade

  3. Marley

    I’m very proud of you coming out you’ll be strong again


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