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Bobs Family Travels

Bob is love.
Bobs a little purple monkey. Thanksgiving 2016 I found him and he has been the love of the Periscope community ever since.
His family has grown. April of the same year his twin sisters Bobbie and Bobette joined the family and he met his “chick” Open.
The sisters have traveled,
Bobette has gone from home to Washington state to see aunt Shelley. She saw the total eclipse in August.
She went on to uncle Blaine in Utah to Las Vegas Colorado then off to see aunt Louise in New Zealand! Now she’s in Japan!
See her travels here on her moments from twitter
These 2- Bob jr and open are off to their next destination Be on the lookout

Sarah completely changed my life. She saw something in me I hadn’t yet seen in myself. She had faith in my ability to succeed. Her never ending positive encouragement (and generous financial contributions) have not only energized and enhanced my life, but also helped grow my business to a level never before thought possible. Sarah is a unicorn.  So rare of a person that some of us have to pinch ourselves to see if she’s even real. Knowing her over these last 8 months has been a wildly positive and eye opening experience. I even had the pleasure of meeting her in person last fall and look forward to hitting the beach with her this summer!! I love you Sarah. And all of your cat babies  ~FemYogaTaylor of http://FemYoga.com

I want to say a huge Thank You from the bottom of my heart to the wonderful lady and one of my biggest supporters Sarah Warren, thank you for your kindness and being a patron of the Arts, supporting me and my Artistic journey. You help so many of us. I value and appreciate your friendship and your uplifting and kind messages and all your help. Blessings and Love to you my wonderful friend. Love Bobbi Bicker. London

http://www.periscope.tv/bobbibicker website http://www.valbonabickerart.com

Dear Sarah,
Thank you for all the heart and soul you bring to the Land of Periscope.
Your kindness and encouraging words make others feel full of strength, love and hope.
You brighten our days and our evening scopes too.
I’m sending a big hug now from me to you!


You are quite unique and have shown thousands of ppl the power of positivism. I want you to know how much i appreciate the positive influence you’ve had my life and thank you for your useful advice i’ll be forever grateful.
I’m very very lucky to have you as a friend Sarah because you taught me how to use the force.


I’m rarely on Periscope. I come on to watch my friend, layne. That’s where I came to meet lovely Sarah. She brings you into her family. There’s no one like her, the Layngels family is just incredible. I’m not one for the internet chats but what a group of loving fun friends. Sarah keeps everyone happy and cheery. Just love her. Only person I keep in touch with in messenger. Love you sis! Keep being fabulous.

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