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About me:
I’m Layne, known on social media as @laynetoo.


I was a travel designer for many years, love traveling. I’m a photographer and graphic artist. I am a healthy life coach and Social media strategist. I show beautiful sunsets on my beach or over NYC.

I have private coaching classes and relaxation groups see the tab

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  1. Marni

    You’re the best. THANK YOU for the layngels community of great people, you have all changed my life! Love all that and Bob lol

  2. Marco Lang

    I was so happy the day i found you. After my day I love to lay back and watch Bob. Love to watch replays of the sunsets and all but nothing makes me smile like you and bob and the great people in the familia. I’ve started meditating after our talks and eating better. I’m feeling better. Blessing to you my dear Layne what would the world do without you in it? I’d be lost.

  3. M J

    You have the most incredible gallery on instagram and love your interaction. Nice to meet you. Let’s get together again this summer.

  4. Sarah Warren

    Layngels is the one best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. The community is absolutely wonderful to be a part of. Layne my beautiful lovely sweet dear sister YOU & BOB have changed my life forever. Your beautiful amazing sunsets, your SENSATIONAL Jams & your WITTY door scopes are all outstanding & FANTASTIC. With my dad passing away YOU & BOB have opened up my ? to love again & for that i am forever GRATEFUL & THANKFUL i Admire you & You INSPIRE ME each & every single day my beautiful lovely sweet dear sister i love you so very much ????!!

  5. Gary Irel

    The layngels family is the best on the internet and in my real life, thank you for saving my life. Love you all. Much love Gary best scopes too 😉

  6. David Wyatt

    Layne has been there for me for over three years. She has been a coach, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, and the voice and motivation I needed to get back on my path. She’s not commercial, she’s personal; she’s not here to run just another pumped up scope or website that’s all about numbers, she is there for YOU. Get to know Layne, become a Langel and you will see what everyone else sees that makes her so attractable.

  7. Melisa

    Thank you so much for making such a fantastic community. You’re the most enlightening person. thanks for all your help with my problem. i have really been helped with so many issues thanks to you. God Bless you. Continue your journey and help others and may they continue to appreciate all you do

  8. Megan

    I’m so excited for you Layne! Congratulations ? You are such a wonderful person! Wishing you huge success ??

  9. Torrance Johnson

    It all started on a random shared periscope broadcast and ever since then my life has changed ever since meeting Layne and becoming apart of this amazing community. A community of close knit loving, kind and giving angels or should I say Layngels! She has been there for me and thers since day one and her heart has never left during it and it seems to only grow bigger! Great content, designs, music and people all around. And I cant forget about Bob or Bobbette! You cant lose. Blessings to Layne, the new site and all that is next to come.

  10. Trisha Hall

    I’m so very grateful for you Layne. You truly are a rockstar. My new logos and social media make over is beyond awesome. If you need logos labels or social media make overs Layne is the graphic go to artist!!! Can’t wait to have new t shirts made with them.

  11. Jeiris

    Layne has partially been the reason why my setlist and following have expanded. Her music jams on Periscope is a fantastic platform for musicians like myself to reach a wider audience. And the themes are always fun. Beyond that, she has been extremely supportive to me personally and I am ever grateul. There are really no words to describe just how grateful I am. Thank you for everything, you are truly truly amazing my friend 🙂

  12. Linn

    Layngels community has made me so happy in the time I have been coming there, all so sweet and kind. Miss layne is so multi talelented and such a great help when it comes to helping people with losing weight social media and all, blessings to you miss layne

  13. Britney

    It’s incredible what you have built
    I’m so happy to be part of it! So proud of you

  14. Kerry Vernon

    Thank you Layne. You’re an incredible wonderful person. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for encouraging me to try new things, to break out of my isolation, to reach for the stars. Thank you for letting me play in your fun jams with elite and inspirational artists. Thank you for the prizes from your sponsors. Thank You for being Wonderful. ?????

  15. SFS

    Love Layngels and love Bob! Great site! Great Scopes! Rock on!

    • laynetoo

      Thank you love xo

  16. Care Campbell

    ??????? Appreciate you Layne oxon Care aka UniverzalTruth


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